Why Regina from Mean Girls and Nancy from The Craft Are The Same Person


OMGGGGG. Imagine if Regina George was a witch. No, I mean literally a witch, not just figuratively. Wait. I think they kind of already did that. Remember Nancy in The Craft?  (If you don’t, then like, sorry about your crummy childhood.) Anyway, Nancy and Regina George are basically evil fictitious twins separated at birth. Think The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version, duh) but instead of using their powers for good, they steal your boyfriends and try to kill you.

Regina George vs. Nancy Downs

More reasons why Regina George from Mean Girls and Nancy Downs from The Craft are totally evil twinsies:

Mean Girls meets The Craft

They make high school scary. Well, scarier.

Mean Girls meets The Craft

They both have a personal vendetta against gingers.

Mean Girls meets The Craft

But, if you’re a part of their gang, people can’t help but notice you.

Mean Girls meets The Craft

They both have impeccable fashion sense. (See below:  IT WAS THE ’90s, OK?!)

Mean Girls meets The Craft

Their gang is totally ride or die.  (Until the end when Regina and Nancy are taken down by their respective gingers, but before that, totally ride or die.

Mean Girls meets The Craft

They will find out your secrets, use them to destroy you, and then be all like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?”

Mean Girls meets The Craft

Yeah, we hate them because they’re totes evil, but secretly, we kinda love them.

Mean Girls meets The Craft



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