Luis’ Picks: A Year of Superheroes

One Year in Comic Books!  As Comediva celebrates it’s first birthday, I look back and shine a Bat-signal on some of my favorite heroic articles and illustrations!

Hot Mess: Supermanda by Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs

We all ask ourselves, if you could only pick one, which superpower would you choose?  I’d pick having a pocket dimension, natch.  So, with every special ability imaginable to pick from, what did our protagonist, Amanda, choose???  Don’t miss new installments of Hot Mess, showcasing the fabulous (and often awkward) adventures of Amanda Deibert, every Monday on!

Super Couture: Who Wore It Best? by Nikki Muller

West, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney or Bale?  Not who threw the best haymaker as Batman (obviously Adam West), but who looked most dashing in the Bat-suit?  My personal fave is the Tim Burton-designed costume that Michael Keaton wore.  Fashion and superheroes, a match made in Bloomies!

10 Surprising Uses for Wolverine’s Claws by Luis M. Navarro

After writing for for a good half-year or more, I suddenly realized: I haven’t written anything about my favorite hirsute Canadian mutant yet! WTF!  Thankfully, I was able to remedy that during Superhero Week and think of brand-new applications for Wolverine’s razor-sharp claws.  Plus: I could stare at the animated GIF of Wolvie slicing the salami all day long.

Super Awkward Sex by Emily McGregor

Superheroes, sex, photoshop and the sense and sensibilities of Emily McGregor.  You’re welcome, internets.

Superhero Literature 101 by Luis M. Navarro and Vickie Toro, Art by Emily McGregor

You know what’s missing from all those classic tomes we read in high school?  Superheroes!  Imagine how much more exciting Jane Eyre would have been if she had been sent to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, instead of Lowood School?!  I’m especially fond of this article, as it’s my first collaboration with the great Vickie Toro, and features beautiful photoshop work by Emily.

Dexter IS Batman! by Luis M. Navarro

Inspired by a discussion I heard about Dexter on the Howard Stern Radio Show, it’s kinda startling how similar Bruce Wayne and Dexter Morgan are.  Two brilliant, emotionally traumatized little boys cleaning up the streets one psycho at a time.  I’m also exceedingly proud of putting Michael C. Hall’s head on the Bat-suit.  Yay, basic photoshop skills!

Personals: Super Seeking Sidekick by Luis Silva

I love this series of faux-Craigslist ads where our favorite superheroes “anonymously” seek sidekicks to irresponsibly put in danger.  Awesome Comediva debut for writer Luis Silva, and big ups to Vickie Toro for creating the fake posts!

Love-Children of Crossbred Superheroes and Celebrity Chefs by Kristen Bobst, Art by Erika Cervantes

This insane mashup of superheroes and celebrity television chefs is awesome!  Where else but in the forge of creativity that is Kristen Bobst’s brain could this utterly unique idea be brought to life?  Wolverdeen FTW!

Comic-Con Hookup Bingo! by Kristen Bobst, Art by Candace Lewis

If you’re headed to a comic book convention, you NEED this on a shirt!  How else will you keep track of how many times you groped an Ewok or eye-f**ked Joss Whedon?  Do you honestly think anyone will believe you dry-humped Albus Dumbledore if you don’t have this shirt?

NBC Superhero Sitcoms by Sam Christopher, Art by Luis M. Navarro

An easy solution for all of NBC’s programming woes: Add superheroes!  I’d love to see Justice Office, with CEO Superman dealing with hijinks from low-level employees Aquaman and Flash.


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