Lucille’s Kitty Korner: Labor Day!

Hi there, Comediva Kitty Lovers!

By now, you’ve had a long summer of enjoying alcohol-free fruit smoothies and long walks with your parasol. Isn’t summer the best? Of course, Skittles likes summer so long as it isn’t too hot: a catnap in the sun is
one thing, but a heat wave with a fur coat on? No, thank you! And so, as the summer season comes to a close, we love to celebrate with one last long weekend. That’s right, it’s Labor Day!

Labor Day was first observed on September 5, 1882, by the Central Labor Union of New York, and was added as a national holiday in 1894 as a conciliatory gesture to union members involved in the Pullman Strike, where the U.S. military was responsible for the deaths of several workers. My Yamama says that the government had no right to interfere with a union matter, but likes the long weekend since it gives her a good opportunity to hunt bear.

Today, we celebrate Labor Day with barbecued meats and slip-n-slides, and remember those workers who lost their lives by refusing to wear white pants after the date. (Unless they’re “winter white,” right Skittles? I don’t wear pants, but Skittles is something of a fashionista.)

While the traditional human celebration of Labor Day involves water sports, it is insensitive to involve pool games and water slides at a human-cat Labor Day event. Opt instead for a fun game of badminton: it’s fun and easy, and your kitty will love to bat around that shuttlecock!

Of course, Labor Day is another great opportunity to break out your barbecue skills. On Independence Day, we enjoyed the savory treat of salmon burgers. For Labor Day, it’s best to keep with the theme of indolence: throw some pieces of chicken on the grill and kick back in a lawn chair. You’ll have something good to eat in no time, and it will also provide an extra bit of entertainment: the smell of the raw chicken always sends Skittles into a primal ecstasy. He stalks our yard for the wounded bird and makes little bird calls. It’s the greatest! I reward his efforts by hiding a piece of the raw chicken somewhere, otherwise it’s just cruel. (Of course, I make sure to buy farm-raised, fresh chicken from the market for this rare treat.)

The most important thing to remember, other than the white pants thing, is to enjoy yourself! Labor Day is a relaxed time, so you and your guests should feel comfortable and happy. And remember, for your feline guests, to put out extra pillows: long  sunny catnaps are a Labor Day must for everyone!

Hope your Labor Day weekend is purrfect!

Lucille and Skittles


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