Letterapy: I’m Coming Out!

Hello, hello, schmexy Comedivas.  Katharine here with my Pick of the Week as well as some hot-tips for dealing with unwanted flirting.  In the video, Jugsalicious Julie helps a straight dude out with dealing with coping with his BFF’s Coming Out.  She gives some good advice, I admit — talking things out can always help — but here’s my own personal take on the issue:

1.  Is there such a thing as “unwanted flirting”?  I mean, come on.  I’d take a P over a V any day, but if I’m in need of some sexy time do I really care enough to be all that picky?  Just go for it, man.  Cross that friend line, make things awkward, and move on.  If he’s dealing with decades worth of pent-up sexual frustration, chances are he’s just looking for a quick bang anyway, right?

2.  Any time a gay man thinks someone’s sexy, that person better take that to heart.  Ain’t nobody a better/harsher judge of beauty than a gay man.  So don’t forget to feel sexy.

3.  There really isn’t a third point.  I just prefer things in threes.

So there you have it: sexy advice from sexy Katharine.  Because who better to take sex advice from than a seasoned warrior?


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