Lesbros: “DOMA”

A victory for marriage equality means Vickie’s gotta get her love off lockdown, stat! No pressure, though…right? Except from all her straight friends! Luis is determined to walk her down the aisle, but they’ll have to update her OK Cupid profile first.

Created by Vickie Toro (http://twitter.com/vickietoro) & Luis Navarro (http://twitter.com/luisn1)

Written by Vickie Toro

Directed & Executive Produced by Erika Cervantes (http://twitter.com/erikacervantes)

Produced by Linda Yvette Chavez (http://twitter.com/lindayvette) & Emily McGregor (http://twitter.com/airhumps)


Vickie Toro & Luis Navarro

Non-cameo-cameo by Emily McGregor

Director of Photography – Yuki Noguchi

Edited by Stephanie Diane

Production Coordinator – Suzy Pasqualetto

Production Interns – Becca Grumet, William McIntyre, Sierra Katow, Eli Thomas

Original Theme Song by Chris Thomas (http://soundcloud.com/chris-thomas-co…) & Erika Cervantes

Sound Mix by Sean Oakley (http://twitter.com/TheSeanOakley

Production Sound – Mike Robertson


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