Lesbromance: Where Straight Men and Lesbians Meet

Once in a great while, the forces of the universe converge and bring a lesbian and a heterosexual man together in a unique meeting of the minds.  Not a bromance, not a womance, but a LESBROMANCE!  Such a confluence has occurred in the Comediva offices between Top Lesbian Vickie Toro and Breeder Luis Navarro!  United by Harry Potter, the written word, a penchant to giggle, and the undeniable hottness of Kate Winslet, these two intrepid pioneers bravely blazed a trail of equality and acceptance across the gender divide.

During the course of this epic LESBROMANCE, the curtain was pulled back and a certain unalienable truths became evident.  Lesbians and straight dudes (at least, this lesbian and this straight dude) have got a lot in common!

The breakdown:

Breeder Man
1)  Meat
2)  BBQ / Grilling
3)  Weapons
4)  Explosions!
5)  Sylvester Stallone / Chuck Norris / Anyone from The Expendables 1 OR 2
6)  Urinal dividers!
7)  Gadgets and gizmos
8)  Ridiculously expensive pens
9)  Halo / MW3 / Video games
10)  Leaving the seat up
11)  Couches (they’re comfy and have multiple functions!)

1)  Vegetables
2)  Subarus!
3)  Hillary Clinton
4)  Trees
5)  Feelings
6)  Cats
7)  Hiking
8)  Nail-cutting
9)  Quills
10)  Feminism
11)  Gaslamps!

1)  Lanyards! 
2)  Hair Gel
3)  Christina Hendricks!
4)  Hats
5)  Rollin’ up your sleeves!
6)  Trapper Keepers


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About the author

Luis Navarro is a token man slave and Director of Operations for Comediva. He is a proud Valley Boy ("Fer sure") and martial artist. He earned a Master's Degree in Counseling and is an ordained online minister! He also boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and post-1970s movie trivia. He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit a fondness for unicorns.
Vickie Toro is Comediva's Social Media Manager, connecting your comedy-loving hearts with ours through all of your favorite social media addictions. She's the lesbian in Lesbros, the creator and one of the writers of BAMF Girls Club, and the Frumpy Girl who commiserates with your Style Ineptness. She's a Potterhead, water-dancer, and overall TV junky. Also, sometimes Vickie dances to printer sounds.

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