Disney Princesses Digitally Edited To Have Realistic Goals

From Snow White in 1937 to Rapunzel in 2010, it’s interesting that not much has changed in 70 years regarding princesses’ unrealistic dreams and goal setting. Whether it’s a musical adventure through the mysterious forest to find your royal parents and discover who you are, or sneaking out of the palace and capturing the heart of a charming street rat that sounds like Steve from Full House– we would never set these goals in real life, so what are those goals doing in our beloved fantasy escape-from-reality cartoons? With special editing tools and techniques, we’ve reimagined how some of our favorite Disney Princesses might look with more realistic goals. If you ask us, they look pretty fun!

1. Princess Ariel

leah and lia disney princesses


2. Princess Aurora

leah and lia disney princesses


3. Princess Jasmine



4. Pocahontas


5. Rapunzel


6. Snow White



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