Ladies of Rap: TV Moms

This is the SPECIAL DIRECTOR’S CUT EDITION! Famous TV Moms give you advice on being a mommy! Please subscribe for more Ladies of Rap! And, check out Aimee Teegarden in Aim High 2 and Jason Horton on his channel:


A BiteSize Networks and Awkward Kids Production

Michelle Glavan – “Carol Brady,” writer, producer,

Christiann Castellanos – “Peggy Bundy,” writer, producer,

Dana Pacheco – “Marge Simpson,” writer, producer,

Steve Yager – Director, Online Color

Aimee Teegarden – “Courtney”

Jason Horton – “Robbie,” “Alice,” “Al Bundy,” and “Shop Owner,”

Sean Daly – Director of Photography

Eric Zaragoza – AD

Matt Wixted – Camera Assistant, Editor

Pat O’Malley – Gaffer/Lights

Jordan Gaylor – Gaffer/Lights/Grip

Peter Vass – PA,

Jordan Hearn – PA

Damien Blaise – music composition,

Pedro Bossio – Recording Engineer, Mixer

Marky Make Up – Courtney and Marge makeup

Special thanks to Katie Segal, Bubba the dog and Duchess the rat.


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