What They Say vs. What They Mean: LA and NY Weather

New York and Los Angeles have their obvious differences, and New Yorkers and Angelinos certainly do too. On top of the fact that the two cities are literally on opposite sides of the country, the subtle linguistic differences can separate us even further–especially when it comes to the weather.  Check out this handy what they say vs. what they mean guide to help navigate some bicoastal small talk!

It’s starting to look like fall.
pumpkin spice fall

NY: I love watching the leaves change.

LA: I love watching the Starbucks menu change.

It’s freezing out.
home alone new york

NY: It’s actually freezing out. Fuggedaboudit!

LA: It’s in the low 70s but there’s, like, this breeze…

It’s finally spring!
day after tomorrow new york

NY: Just kidding, there’s a massive storm forecast for tomorrow. Better luck next week.

LA: Just kidding, that’s summer. Hope the AC is ready for an eight month cool-a-thon.

It’s raining out.

NY: Shit. Should I have stocked up on candles and potable water?

LA: Shit. How the hell am I gonna drive in this?

A scarf is a must.

scarf winter

NY: Especially if you don’t have a beard and/or untamed chest hair.

LA: Especially if it completes your outfit.

It’s summer already?

NY: Oh dear god, by August we’ll all be dead!

LA: Oh dear god, by August we’ll all be dead!

At least that’s one thing we can all agree on…


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