La Hocicona Series Preview

La Hocicona Series is a comedic “triptych” made up of three shows: La Angry Xicana?!, La Sad Girl…, and La Chismosa!!!  Adelina performs each of these shows as a different character, weaving in narrative threads through the three shows, designed to be seen three nights in a row.  As her three hocicona, loud-mouthed characters, Adelina’s wickedly funny commentary addresses the world through a uniquely queer Xicana-Indigena point-of-view.La Hocicona Series is coming to DVD only on in 2011.


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Adelina has almost 20 years of professional stage experience. She has garnered Best Actress nominations in ensemble and solo work for both comedy and drama. Her most popular comedy Mastering Sex & Tortillas! was nominated and then selected as Best Solo Performance by Premios Sin Limite 2008 (NY); and in the previous year the show was nominated for Best Solo Performance by L.A. Weekly (CA). In the arena of solo dramatic works, in 2009 the world-premier of her play, Bruising for Besos received critical acclaim from both the Los Angeles Times and the L.A. Weekly. She is a national touring artist and currently presents her acclaimed La Hocicona Series: An Original X-X-Xicana Comedic Triptych.

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  1. Celina

    When are any dvds going to be available for any of adelina anthony’s work? And where will I be able to find them??

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