LA Dinner; or, GLUTEN!

Written and Directed by Iselle Slome


Iselle Slome as Inez

Sascha Alexander as Brandi

Justine Prado as Skinny Marsha

Ellen Clifford as Jenna

Amanda Deibert as Brittani

Karen Strong as Deandra

The Gluten Monster as Self

AD/DP Alex Cason

Sound Eric Bautista

Cupcakes and Quiche by Camille’s Culinary Creations

Edited by Chris DiMaso

Gluten Monster Theme by Josh MacDonald

Sweet Cat Walk music by

Royalty Free Music by

Special Thanks to Steve Zaragoza


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About the author

Iselle and Sascha met within the hallowed halls of the USC School of Theatre, where they dreamt of a future that was bright.  A great big world out there where girls could be hilarious AND drive really nice cars with really hot boyfriends in the back-seats.  A world where it was cool to dress up like a cat and just hang out.  A better world.  For all people.  But especially for people with boobs.

And then they graduated.  Where was the world they dreamt of?!  Where were the leotards?  Where were the lesbian babies?!  Where were the people dressed like cats?!  My god, what IS this place?  Their world didn't exist.  So they decided to build it themselves.  And ArthurOrMartha was born.

Alex and Sascha met on the set of Meghan Gambling's "Pussy Fun" music video, and have been having fun since, with or without pussy.

Alex grew up on a Kentucky farm playing Davy Crockett and entertaining herself with a shovel and bucket of water.  She thought that all kids played like her, but as she started school and met children that had grown up with cable TV, she realized that coonskin caps and cowboy boots were not the kind of cool she had once thought.  She tried to make sense out of things she didn't understand like any healthy person would, by mocking or ignoring them.  With the enabling powers of Sascha & Iselle, she continues to live the dream.

Also, she is baffled by hipsters that wear animal tails on their belts.  Apparently it's cool now? 


...Now, let's go to Menchie's.

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