Kitty Apocalypse

Forget about earthquake, drought and zombies. There’s one disaster no one saw coming… and it’s fluffy and PISSED!

From kitty jet packs to exploding fur balls, Identity Crush members Jason Carmody and Meghan Gambling are trapped in a feline takeover unparalleled in any other universe… will they find their way out?!

Produced and Directed by Identity Crush

Shot, Edited, Effects and Spaceship Construction by Jason Carmody

Additional Camera: Ryan Reyes, Amos Soffian, Persis Rahbar

Additional Music and Mixing: Barre Gambling & Joshua Minyard

Featuring the presence and/explosions of: Sascha Alexander, Kristen Rozanski, Heidi Montague, Arthur E. Chadwick, Ryan Reyes, Monika Lind,
Dean Anthony, Fred Maske, Lisa Lazoff, Devin Browne, Lyla Hance, Persis Rahbar, Matt Figueira, Amos Soffian, Chris Dotson, Matty Goldberg, Amanda Deibert, Vivienne Staggs

Feline Talent: Lola, Bucket, Shiloh, Madison

Locations: Linda McDermott

Submitted by: Identity Crush


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Once described as Sonny & Cher meets Tenacious D, IDENTITY CRUSH is an extreme couple’s band known for their enthusiastic lyrics and aggressive performance style. With hits like “Man Feet,” “Kitty Apocalypse,” and “Meat Deals,” this intense music duo is 1 part relationship therapy, 2 parts rock n’ roll, and 10 parts indecent! Do the math! Get crushed.

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