If Geeky Villains Took Over TV

Everybody loves to hate an awesome villain, and with shows like Hannibal and Bates Motel delving into the backstories of A++ baddies, why limit ourselves to dramas?
How I Met Your Sith Lord
The Force-ghost of Ted Vader sits down his ungrateful brats, Luke and Leia, to tell them the tale of how he met the love of his life: The Dark Side!  Through youngling slaughters, crazy ex-padawans, a full-blown Rebellion, and Emperor Barney’s roving eye for new apprentices, Ted Vader somehow fulfills his destiny and tosses Barney down a reactor shaft!
A look at the day-to-day life of hard-luck serial child-killer Freddy Krueger, punctuated by highlights from Freddy’s best nightmare-kills!  This show’s got something for everyone!  Freddy: Comedy that cuts like a glove full of knives!
It’s Always Sunny in Haddonfield
When our favorite ne’er-do-wells take over administration of Haddonfield’s hottest new insane asylum, Paddy’s, they ignore Dr. Loomis’ warnings (and mock him for his burn scars).  Cut to: The Gang gets slowly chased to their gruesome deaths!
Middle Earth, 90210
Sauron Sanders used to be big man on campus, until new kid Aragorn Walsh blows into school, and steals his girl, Kelly One-Ring!  Plus: Aragorn’s weird little brothers Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin avoid annoying freshman Smeagol Silver, and explore the wild nightlife of Mordor with wise rich-kid Gandalf McKay!
Saved by the Force
If you thought Zack Morris was evil and manipulative, wait until his cousin Anakin enrolls in Bayside High’s exclusive A.P. Force-use curriculum!  How will Zack compete for Padme Pakowski’s affections, when Anakin always has a trick up his sleeve– a Jedi mind trick, that is!  Can Zack, Jar-Jar Screech, Mace C. Windu, Jessie Hydrospanner, and Aayla Turtle take on the Chosen One?  And what’s with all the hair coming out of Principal Yoda’s ears?!  EWWWWW!!!  Are you ready for all SITH to break loose?!
Saved by the Force: The New Class
Photoshoppin’ by Sierra Katow!


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