Judge Anderson’s Fashion Tips

To many a geek’s joy, the powers that be in Hollywood have decided to reboot Judge Dredd. On top of this — to many a feminist geek’s joy — it seems the director decided to take a practical approach in the design of Judge Anderson’s (aka Judge Dredd’s protegé’s) uniform.In fact, it deviates very little from her guy-boss’s version: they both share protective upper body plates; they have handy utility belts; and, save for the helmet, Anderson appears actually prepared for battle.

This is a far cry from most etchings of heroines we’ve seen in comic books and on the big screen. Now, I’m totally against slut-shaming; but I’m also completely against the expectation of lady crime-fighters to be nothing but the objects of their often horny teen-audience’s wet dreams.

So what would Judge Anderson have to say to her sisters in arms?














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