iScandal: 6 Other Online Accounts You Don’t Want Your Kids to Have Access to

Worried your kids might be taking advantage of your online accounts? There’s an app for that…several, in fact.

Apple recently settled in a lawsuit against parents who claimed their children made unauthorized in-app purchases during the fifteen minute window in which Apple did not require users to re-enter their passwords. In some cases, kids were able to rack up hundreds of dollars in charges during that short span of time–and in the digital age, where everything is instant, it only makes sense that these situations can mean big trouble. Here are six other online accounts you definitely don’t want your kids to have access to:



It should come as no surprise that anything with a credit card attached to it should be off limits for kids, but what might surprise you is that folks on Ebay are still trying to hock Pokemon cards and Beanie Babies like they never went out of style with some asking prices in the millions of dollars.


LinkedInLogoIt’s really sweet that your little bundle of joy wants the interwebs to know that your most recent job has been “BEST MOM EVARRR!1!!” but you’re not likely to have much luck in the job market when your resume is full of your eight-year-old’s cutesy kiddy typos and references to dirty diapers.


With just a couple clicks, your expertly crafted Bob Dylan station could be turned into a mixtape of autotune and sorrow. Remember, fifteen minutes is long enough for a child to “thumbs up” as many as six Justin Beiber songs.



It’s probably best you just cancel that account while you still remember your password, lest your little one stumble across a pouty teenage version of you working those angles and decide to re-create your photo set in the bathroom the next time they visit grandma’s house.

Suicide Girls


You’ve already braved the “where do babies come from?” talk with your kidos, it would be a real humdinger to have to have the “why do some ladies have purple pubes?” convo too. Message Boards
Just because secrets don’t make friends doesn’t mean that they don’t make family members, right? Well…while there is absolutely nothing wrong with being adopted, there is seriously everything wrong with finding out through your mom’s browser history.

Moms! We want to hear from you–what’s the worst that’s ever come from your kids having access to your online accounts?


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