Improv Will Save Your Life

Life after college can be dull, boring and seemingly inadequate to the amazing “adult” life you’ve always imagined for yourself. Working a 9 to 5 or even a late night shift at the local bar just doesn’t compare to the parties and questionable romances the more spontaneous you used to partake in.

Save yourself before it’s too late! If the following signs of a dull, lackluster life apply to you, act fast and enroll in — an IMPROV CLASS!


Want more friends?

For only a small fee ranging from $50 to $450, you’re guaranteed to meet with a small group of friends on a weekly basis to practice the art of improv! Afterwards, you guys will catch a real improv show TOGETHER because no one enjoys watching comedy alone –especially not your new friends!

Cat got your tongue?


Improv is not for cats.
Your highly qualified improv instructor will teach you how to accept what others say and build upon those statements! Even if you think it’s total bullsh*t, the “Yes, and” method will surely bring the Chatty Cathy back out of you!

Sex life a drag?

The best part about performing improv is that anything goes… ANYTHING! All you have to do is jump on stage, pick your partner, and ride that pony like you’ve always dreamed… and unlike the real life, your mate HAS to yes! Score!

Uncoordinated & feeling old?

A lot of improv exercises involve throwing & catching balls, capturing swords fired at your face, and meticulously balancing on teeny tiny pedestals – but it’s all done in the wonderful world of improv! (Really though, if you can’t catch even an imaginary ball, you’ve got bigger issues…)

Can’t focus?

The distractions of an adult life can be overwhelming — taxes, a mortgage, going to the dry cleaners, having a baby — how can you possibly concentrate on anything else? Practicing improv will force you to open your ears and really take in what others are saying, because NOTHING is more embarrassing than forgetting your scene partner’s character’s name in front of an entire audience.

In denial?

If you have trouble admitting and accepting the fate that is your mediocre life, improv class is perfect for you! Denial is highly frowned upon on stage and saying “no” is FORBIDDEN. Seriously — don’t ever say “no”…it isn’t pretty.

Lack Self-esteem?


Improv makes you strong like Chuck!

Eye contact with your scene partner is vital when it comes to building trust and having confidence in each other to perform well. Looking someone straight in the eyes works wonders on your self-esteem and is hella intimidating to others. Your confidence levels will reach true Chuck Norris status in only a few awkward, speechless scenes!

Wish to be someone else?

Go for it! All those college years you spent not writing term papers and instead, watching made for TV movies have paid off! Choose your favorite characters and bring them to life on the improv stage! It’s very likely that yes, people WILL like you better with a British accent. Just don’t forget to return to the real world after you’ve had your fun because getting stuck in improv limbo is a b*tch!


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