I’m a Girl! And I’m Funny, Yo.

NYC comedienne Freddi Scheib tells the boys who’s boss, hip-hop video style.

Freddi Scheib – Writer/Director/Producer/Editor
E. Matthew Cady – DP
Chase Culpon – Music Producer
Allison Brown – Art Dept.
Grips/help: Henry Gammill, Max Ash, Will Choy

Also starring:
Joe Cummings
Dru Johnston
Brian Polk
Jonah Nathan
Sime Viduka
Ariana Seigel
Emma Tattenbaum-Fine
Jenny Donoghue
Allison Brown


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About the author

Freddi Scheib, a Kentucky-born actress who is equally skilled in comedy, drama, and the art of writing bios, fell in love with sketch comedy and improv while attending New York University. She was a writer/performer in NYU's premiere sketch comedy group, Hammerkatz, for three years. Before that, she graduated Valedictorian from Idyllwild Arts Academy in Idyllwild, California where she studied musical theater and film. She is a classically trained singer, dancer, and harpist. In her spare time she traveled all over the world living in India, Thailand, Burma, France and 12 other countries that can be listed upon request. She speaks conversational French and grammatically incorrect Turkish. She currently owns her own production company, Shafted Writers, which focuses on short comedic web content. She has a Shiba Inu named Izzy who is featured in almost every video (nepotism is alive and well.)

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