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Comedivas in this video, in order of appearance:

Erika Cervantes, Comediva CEO/Founder

America Young, Co-Creator/Star of “Geek Therapy”

Linda Yvette Chavez, Comediva VP of Editorial

Kosha Patel, aka Kosha Delhi

Sascha Alexander from ArthurORmarthA

Vanessa Mizzone, aka Jersey Vanzers

Vickie Toro, Comediva Editorial Assistant and creator/star, “Mommy Says”

Sabrina Hill & Jennifer Tracy, aka LA Women

Nikki Muller, aka Nikki 2K

Luis Navarro, Comediva Director of Operations

Aliza Pearl & Dawn Green, aka Increase Our Bust

Roth Cornet, aka Michael Bay

Emily McGregor, aka Comediva VP of Production

Iselle Slome from ArthurORmarthA

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