If Superheroes Had Instagram

Sick and tired of scrolling through the same old Instagrams of Lo-Fi’ed pasta dinners and Hudson’ed selfies? Well, so are all of your Instagram followers.  So stop posting them.

However, you’re not the only one suffering from a small bout of Instaddiction.

But what if superheroes had Instagram?

It appears that superheroes have also caught the bug, which begs the question: where does Spiderman keep his iPhone in that skintight suit?

Below are some of your favorite superheroes flexing their social media muscles. It’s good to know that even when you’re out there, fighting crime and saving the world, there’s still always time to snap a pic, make it look old and crappy with a filter, add hashtags, post it on Instagram, wait for people to like it, get frustrated when no one likes it, punch a bad guy to release the anger, and then text your best friend, “Hey, Robin, can you like my post on Instagram? lol no one’s liked it yet. Thanks, you’re the best! We’re still on for bowling at 8, right?”

if superheroes had instagram - tony stark

if superheroes had instagram - batman

if superheroes had instagram - superman

if superheroes had instagram - thor

if superheroes had instagram - spiderman

Which of your favorite characters would you follow if superheroes had Instagram?  Tell us about it in the comments!


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