Humans: The Musical



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Valerie is Comediva's current intern extraordinaire where she researches things and sits at the front desk like a boss. A semi-young East Coast transplant, she moved to LA eighteen months ago with a car that saw the millennium, a couch to stay on for a week and two friends in the city. She now boasts the same car, a month-to-month lease, and a whopping five friends in the city. She has a thing for pasty, red-headed boys (lookin' at you Louis C.K.), television, and canned frosting--of which, only one can be considered acceptable in Los Angeles.

Back East, she has an over-achieving yet horribly-lovable big brother at Yale, and the sweetest parents imaginable, as they never complain that she's not at Yale. As a writer, she dreams of the day she sells something and tells her brother to suck it (and then with great apology, takes it back immediately).

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