How to Throw the Ultimate Walking Dead Party

Gruhhhh!  It takes braaaaiiins to plan a good Walking Dead party, so grab this guide and you’ll be partying like it’s the zombie apocalypse!


1. Bake Cupcakes

The first step to any good party is always the cupcakes.  If you’re not as savvy a decorator as the geniuses at Eat My Cakes, no worries, just say the zombies ate ’em.

2. Decor

Guts, guts, and more guts.  You’ll wanna hit up a butcher and ask for all the entrails they have, then slather them all over the walls of your house.  Oh…too messy?  Fine, fine.  You can probably grab some fake ones from a Halloween store if you’re lame like that.  How ’bout you start by spray-painting some cardboard like this and putting it over your front door:

Walking Dead don't open dead inside

And when your guests arrive, you’ll wanna creepily wind your bloody fingers around the doorframe before you open it.  Just watch out for crossbows.  If your guests are any good at all, they’ll show up armed.

3. Walking Dead Drinking Game

Take a shot every time someone walks unnecessary close to a walker who’s lying on the ground!  Ankle-biters, people, watch out!

Take a shot every time Daryl nails a headshot with his crossbow.

Take a shot every time someone gives Rick their 2 cents on his plan.

Take a shot every time someone takes a dramatic pause, when they should be running away!

Take a shot every time Rick says “stuff” or “things” or “thaaangs!”

Take a shot every time someone asks “Where’s Carl?”

walking dead meme

Bonus Tip:

If you’re gonna serve wine, may as well make it Walking Dead Wine:

4.  The Noms

You better feed this crowd, they can be known to get ravenous, and if left hungry, who knows if your braiiiins will be next on the menu!  You could do something cool, like make all the food in shades of red, or bake real FINGER FOODS:

But if you’re on a budget, I say you can always cheap out and go for REALISM!  Make everyone eat CANNED FOODS with NO HEAT that they have to scrounge up from the cupboards in your house! Or, if you’re REAL cheap and an adrenaline junkie, your NEIGHBORS’ HOUSES!

5. Where’s Carl?

Party game! Declare one of your party guests the “Carl” for the night.  The Carl must do his damndest to go missing several times throughout the night.  First person to notice and declare “Where’s Carl?” receives candy!  First person to FIND the Carl gets to slap him and say, “Stay in the house, Carl!”  And if the Carl is able to go missing for more than 15 minutes, he gets to whine and sulk for the next hour.

One does not simply keep track of Carl

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