How to Throw the Ultimate Star Trek Party

To throw the Ultimate Star Trek Party, it takes the courage of a Riker, the know-how of a Data, and the sexy moves of a Captain Kirk! Follow these tips and your party will surely Live Long and Prosper!


1)  Decor

Ever notice how the bridge of the Enterprise is just a couple nice La-Z-Boys and red carpet?  That can’t be so hard to recreate!

How to throw the Ultimate Star trek Party

I know, I know, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So if you’re thriftier than a Ferengi, here’s a Pro Tip:

Black trash bags + copious amounts glow-in-the-dark stars = the fastest way to turn your place into SPACE!  As in, THE FINAL FRONTIER!  And you know what that means.  Your guests will have no choice but to boldly go…into your apartment.

2)  Food and Drink

For your non-alcoholic beverages (ahem, some of us have to pilot the ole starship home!), you’ll want to stock up on prune juice for the Klingons, and of course, Earl Grey Tea in tribute to a certain sexy, bald captain.


And for those who feel like yelling “Beam Me Up, Scotchie!” why not try out some Star Trek inspired cocktails?

How to throw the ultimate star trek party

3)  Music!

There’s nothing that can set the mood at a party better than some sweet, sweet Klingon Opera!

But you know the official soundtrack of any true Star Trek party MUST include Klingon Style.

4)  Drinking Game

Unless you’re so square that you’re practically a Borg cube, there’s nothing like an endless loop of TNG or TOS to provide the backdrop to your Star Trek party.  And natch, as with any viewing entertainment, there must be a drinking game!

Drink every time someone is beamed up.

Drink every time Captain Kirk makes out with an alien.

Drink every time Spock declares something is illogical.

Drink every time Worf gets DENIED.

5)  Star Trek Pick-up Lines

Look, finding love of the nerdy kind is no walk in the Holodeck.  So when you get a group of Trekkies in one room, it’s practically pon farr!

ultimate star trek party

I know what you’re thinking: Captain Kirk would never try so hard.  But not all of us have his mysterious powers of seduction, so some of us need a hand.  So use these sweet pick-up lines on the nearest Star Fleet officer!

6)  Wardrobe

Star Fleet uniforms are not in short supply on the interwebs, but let’s talk about how all you really need is a communicator patch.


I mean, Deanna Troi rocked pretty much whatever sexy garb she wanted, but that lil ole communicator kept her locked in to the team.  And you know better than to argue with Deanna Troi.  Empaths…are you feelin’ me?


7)  Captain’s Chair

Party game!  Put the best chair in your house to use with a rousing game of Musical Captain’s Chair (yes, that’s Musical Chair, singular).  Play any and all versions of the Star Trek theme song, and whoever sits in the chair first is Captain — and everyone else can suck it!

8) Q and A!

Party game!  When your guests arrive, draw phasers to decide who gets to be the Q of the night, aka the biggest A-hole at the party.  Whether it’s totally abusing his omnipotence or just asking really irritating rhetorical questions, the Q gets to be up to all kinds of rabblerousing.  Every party needs a Q, could it be you?

9)  Battle Stations!


Party game!  Ever played Battleship Beer Pong?  The Star Trek variation on the theme plays the same way, but is at least 1000 times more fun because your ships can travel at warp speed!  For extra fun, act out your attacks with your party guests!  Commit!  Don’t worry if your crew’s acting looks janky at first, check out how lame stabilized Star Trek footage looks:

See? Lamer than Riker without a beard.

10)  Blame it on the Tri-i-i-i-i-i-ibbles

Much like pimpin’, throwing a Star Trek party ain’t easy.  So if anyone makes fun of your decorations, won’t dance to Klingon Style, or complains that they prefer English Breakfast to Earl Grey…just blame it on the Tribbles.


Looks like you’re all set to throw the ultimate Star Trek party!  And it is not logical how much fun it will be.


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