How to Throw the Ultimate My Little Pony Party

To throw The Ultimate My Little Pony Party, you need to harness the stylishness of Rarity, the strategic planning of Twilight Sparkle, and of course, the epic party-planning expertise of Pinkie Pie.  But don’t you fret!  Just follow these tips, and you’ll have a party that will be the talk of Equestria for years to come!

My Little Pony Party

1. Decorations

First step: put rainbow shit everywhere.  It should look as if a box of Crayola crayons dropped a nuke in your house.


If your party makes a Pride Parade look like an accountant’s funeral, then you know Rainbow Dash would be proud.


2. Food

Clearly, you will need a TON of apples.  Remember that character from Forrest Gump who talked about all the goddamn ways to prepare shrimp?  Yeah, it should be like that, but with apples.  Apple pie, apple cider, apple dumplings, apple casserole, apple meatloaf.


You should also have some cupcakes.


And maybe some regular cake.

My Little Pony Party

It doesn’t seem like they eat much else in Equestria, so that should just about do it!


3. Music

Who doesn’t love a group of friends joining in a joyful sing-a-long?  Your friends will love singing classics like Hearts Strong as Horses, or Cutie Mark Crusaders Song, or The Super Duper Party Pony.

Here’s two plus hours of every MLP song that’s ever existed.

And if your guests don’t love singing these tunes, you can always have Pinkie Pie style freakout, and make them.


4. Booze

Serve a whole bunch of hard apple cider, and make your party 20% cooler!

133912013031 (1)

5. Drinking Game

Drink when Rainbow Dash says something cocky.


Drink when anyone says “Everypony.”


Drink if someone randomly breaks into song.


Drink if Derpy is spotted.


Drink if an act of true friendship is performed.


Drink if Rarity refers to someone else as “Darling.”


Drink if Twilight Sparkle sucks up to Princess Celestia.


6. Pick-Up Lines

After everyone’s good and drunk, it’s probably time for the hook-ups to commence.  So try out these Brony Pick-Up Lines on your pony of interest.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.45.17 PM

7. Wardrobe

Make Rarity proud by designing your own wardrobe for the party.  Use bits of bedsheets or old t-shirts to make a truly unique and inspired style.  She would probably tell you that your outfit is marvelous to your face, but secretly judge you.  Turn this into a game by holding a costume contest, and let everyone judge everyone!


8. Therapy

This party is going to be so awesome, you might need therapy afterwards.  But never fear!  There’s some Brony therapy right here!

9. Pin the Cutie Mark on Sweetie Belle

This is a fun spin on “pin the tail on the donkey” that you can play with the whole family.  Print out a big pic of Sweetie Belle, cut out a bunch of cutie mark symbols, and the first blindfolded party guest to place their cutie mark in the right spot wins!  Just make sure your cutie mark is not for something lame, like trash collecting or medical insurance sales.


10. Glitter Game

If you’re hosting this party at someone else’s house, this is a great game play at the end of the party.  You basically get a bunch of glitter and throw it everywhere!  Easy!  You not only end the party with a bang, but you can test the strength of your friendship with whoever’s house it is!

1732.40272 - animated cheering fluttershy pinkie_pie twilight_sparkle

That’s it!  Enjoy your party, everypony!


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