How to Throw the Ultimate Harry Potter Party

Throw the Ultimate Harry Potter Party to bewitch your friends and ensnare their sensibilities! Turn your home into Hogwarts and follow these tips to having a perfectly magical party!


1. Decor

Given the enormity of the wizarding world, you’re gonna wanna scale your decor to your party.


Throwing a big bash with a guestlist the size of Grop? Go with the Great Hall and group your guests by Hogwarts houses for easy mingling. Throwing a smaller shindig? Do up your home like Honeydukes for a sweet party!

 2. Food & Drink

ultimate harry potter party

Wizards aren’t exactly known for their cuisine, but they’ll dazzle you with their drinks and desserts! Stock up on all the Bertie Botts & Chocolate Frogs you can find (totally real things you can buy, by the by!) Whip up a bewitching batch of Butterbeer or some stiff house cocktails for a fabulous drunk potion!

 3. Music

Perhaps the saddest thing about Harry Potter is that The Weird Sisters are not an actual band. Thankfully, this blow is softened by the fact that John Williams composed the fantastic soundtracks (at least, the first three–which really set the tone for the whole series)…well, that and the fact that you can catch The Weird Sisters on the fourth soundtrack.

4. Pranks

Make the Weasley boys proud by pranking your guests! Looking for something that’ll wow ‘em like the gags from Wonkos? Get a voice recorder with a motion sensor on it, record a snippet of Moaning Myrtle, and stash it in the restroom where it’s sure to surprise unsuspecting guests.

 5. Drinking Game

If you’re planning on marathoning all eight movies, then please for the love of Dumbledore play with Butterbeer, lest ye find yourself apparating to an emergency room or worse, EXPELLED!


Drink every time a spell is cast.

Drink every time Snape refers to Harry as “Mister Potter.”

Drink every time the Weasley twins say the same thing at the same time.

Drink every time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is named.

 6. Pick-Up Lines


Short of whipping up a love potion, these Harry Potter pick-up lines are your best bet to bedding any witch or wizard you might have your eye on.

 7. Insults

And for the Slytherins among us, we have insults covered too!

8. Wardrobe


You’ve really got three options when it comes to dressing for your Harry Potter party. You can wear robes (easy enough to find online and in costume shops), you can rep your Hogwarts house colors, or you can be the third movie and say to hell with thematic costuming. Your call.

 9. Quidditch


Party game! Gather up your broomsticks! And mops, Swiffers, hockey pucks, whatever balls you have in the garage, sidewalk chalk, some hula hoops…you know, maybe you should start with the drinking game. Start with the drinking game, and then gather up all the sports equipment and cleaning supplies and just have a good ol’ drunk game of whatever sport you’re most comfortable playing with brooms.

 10. Divination Class


Party game! Make bets on how you imagine this party turning out! Are you getting a vision of someone vomiting in the backyard? Having a premonition that your roommate might hook up with that Ravenclaw from work? Put your money where your mouth is and see who walks away with a stack of cash and a new found magic power.



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