How to Throw the Ultimate Doctor Who Party

Setting up a Doctor Who-themed party isn’t as easy as whipping up fish fingers and custard! But follow these timey-wimey steps, and you’ll be wibbly wobbling the night away!

How to throw the ultimate doctor who party

1. Proper Beverages!

The Sonic Screwdriver

Fancy, huh?

Fancy, huh?

It’s just a regular screwdriver (oj/vodka), but served in a futuristic looking glass! (If no ‘futuristic looking glass’ is available, you can attach any technology to a drink, like so:


2. Who’s the Doctor?


Party Game!  You (The Companion) must figure out which of the other partygoers is “The Doctor” by identifying his hidden bowtie, before your opponent (The Master) catches him, he regenerates, and your turn is over!   Other players can be Weeping Angels, with a turn-ending touch ability, or the Silence, who you think is playing, but you’re not quite sure!  It’s like musical chairs, but with people!

3. Doctor Who Party Decor

What's it like to be in the TARDIS?

What’s it like to be in the TARDIS?

The varied locations of the Whoverse provide an unlimited array of options to choose from for party decor. A popular choice for those living in smaller urban settings is TARDIS decor: bigger on the inside! Alternate idea: Kidnap David Tennant! He can provide hours of entertainment, as well as TONS of behind-the-scenes info! Win-win!

4. Drinking Game

Take a shot every time The Doctor adjusts his bowtie and/or fez

Shotgun a beer every time someone says “EXTERMINATE!”

Take a shot every time Captain Jack flirts

Take a shot every time a Dalek appears

Shotgun a beer every time a Companion says a tearful farewell

Take a shot every time someone says “It’s bigger on the inside!”

5. Pub-Run

Need a break from Cybermen? Davros got you down? Go grab some shepherd’s pie at a local pub. You can take a break from the Whovian antics, and yet still retain the vibe of merry ol’ England! If you indulge in a pint, make sure to have a designated Time Lord to get you all back safely!

6. Try Out Some Pick-Up Lines!


Seeking a SWB (Single Whovian Being)? Dry humor may win the day! Or perhaps some zany Gallifreyan hijinks will catch your intended’s eye! Not much luck with the local dating pool? Interstellar dating may be the answer! There’s someone (or thing) out there for everyone, even if you’re the last human on Earth:


Well, maybe not then…

Here’s some more sweet sweet pick-up lines!

7. Doctor Dress-Up

Have a basket of Doctor outfits for guests to wear. Match the fourth doctor’s multi-colored scarf with the sixth doctor’s psychedelic coat. Of course, there should be plenty of bow ties, and red converse high-tops. Tres chic!

8. Doctor Twister!


Party Game! Play on a Twister mat with the faces of the 13 different doctors on it. Right hand, Tom Baker, left foot, Paul McGann. Get with them all in order without falling, and you get ???

9. Two Hearts, One TARDIS


Similar to 7 minutes in heaven, two randomly chosen people have to go into a “TARDIS” (aka the closet), and make-out for 13 minutes (1 minute for each Doctor, natch).

10. Prank calls!

Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

Call local doctors, and say, in your best British accent: “Is this the Doctor? Are you my mummy?” and “I’m scared, I’m scared of the Spaceman.” Then giggle uproariously. They may be a doctor, but they’re not THE Doctor!

11. Noms!

Bake a Face of Boe cake, and hide a Jack Harkness figurine in there. The person who gets the slice with Jack has to have a one-night stand with a guest at the party!


You can also serve this:




And how ironic would some Adipose cupcake toppers be? Put that fat back where it belongs! In your belly!


Leave your own Doctor Who party tips in the comments!


If you’re a Truvian (a true Whovian), you’ll wanna check out The Doctor’s adventures in art history!


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