How To Throw The Ultimate Big Bang Theory Party


Getting your geek on doesn’t have to end when the credits roll out at the end of your favorite episode of The Big Bang Theory. Bring the geek-a-bration home with this guide to throwing the ultimate Big Bang Theory party!

1. Geeky Noms

No doubt your guests will be among the pickiest you know, what with their myriad of allergies, OCD-driven tendencies to separate their peas from their corn, and too-much-information-in-their-heads fueled need to avoid foods busting at the seams with MSG and other tasty joys. This may actually work in your favor, since you can ditch the pots and pans and opt for every Sheldon’s favorite take-out food — Thai food! Now, you have to make absolutely certain that it’s from Siam Palace — have it flown in form Pasadena if you have to! Either way, make sure you order some mee krob and chicken satay with extra peanut sauce, or suffer the wrath of Sheldon!


If Thai’s out, you can try Chinese food, pizza (ONLY sausage, mushrooms and light olives), or Cheesecake Factory take-out! No matter what your spread might be, putting it in take-out containers will give your geeky guest some relief by giving them the impression of uniformity in their meal choices.


You can also start some killer physics conversations with these atom cake-pops.


Every Big Bang Theory Party needs an atom cake pop.

And satisfy every geeky guest’s sweet tooth with this Pi! Perhaps, call it “Meemaw’s Shut Your Pie Hole Pi.”

Pi Pie - Big Bang Theory

Mmm pi pie…

Of course, don’t forget the lactose-free dessert for the Leonards at your party! Otherwise, suffer the wrath of Leonard’s lactose-fueled toots.





Throwing a BBT party means being quite clever. Get your friends with low IQs (aka the Penny’s) at your party to work extra hard putting together a Big Bang Theory banner made out of different elements from the periodic table!


Can you name all the elements, Big Bang Theory lovers?

Okay, it might not be fun for the non-geniuses, but the geniuses will be in absolute stitches!


Designate a door in your apartment or house as the “out of order elevator.” Make sure you make this as realistic as possible by adding obstacles to getting into the house, like several flights of stairs, a ladder, a labyrinth with a dude in a Minotaur mask. Do whatever it takes to give your guests the real Big Bang Theory experience!


When they finally make it to the party provide your more-than-likely asthmatic friends with their party favors: thematic albuterol inhalers!


Give your guests an extra treat by instituting the Bazinga Bucket.


Each time a guest has a party foul (and they will!), she or he has to pull a joke out of the bucket, read it, and then yell out BAZINGA!


3. Cosplay Competition

Under Sheldon’s roommate contract, which they will all receive as an invitation to your ultimate party, guests will be required to come dressed as their favorite BBT character. Extra points will be handed out to those who can pull off their favorite BBT character dressed in cosplay as their favorite fandom character! Sheldon as Flash, Leonard as Frodo, Penny as Wonder Woman, Raj as… Catwoman?


Make sure your guests coordinate their outfits, so not everyone shows up as the Flash!



Bitch please, Raj is fabulous!

Or, perhaps the whole cast as characters from Firefly?!


The best costume wins!

4. Wil Wheaton Dart Board Drinking Game

Keep it classic by creating a drinking game out of a dart board with Wil Wheaton’s face on it. Those who are still early season anti-Wheaton can take a drink every time they miss the bulls eye. Make sure the losers yell “Wheatooooon!” with all the vitriol they can muster.


5. Wil Wheaton Movie Clips Drinking Game

OR, those who are later season pro-Wheaton fans can take an adoring look at some of Wil Wheaton’s finest work as a child. There’s Star Trek, Toy Soldiers, Stand By Me — squeee! Take a shot every time Wil Wheaton makes an adorable, longing-for-a-hug face.


That adorable face just melts the heart.

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock Tournament

No one shall escape your party without first participating in the ultimate tournament. Each player will take turns playing against one another, winners make their way to the final round for ultimate glory, the opportunity to sit in Sheldon’s seat!



Once that tournament’s over, you can make your way through these other fun, geekified versions of the game.

7. Sheldon’s Seat

Speaking of Sheldon’s seat… It is imperative that you designate the best seat on the best couch in the house as Sheldon’s seat.


Make sure that all of your guests understand that only those guests dressed as Sheldon can park their butts in that coveted seat. Those who break the rule will get a cup of beer in the face. Okay fine, or something less wet as a punishment, but you get the gist.


8. Big Bang Theory Pick-Up Lines

Do you want your party to go down in history? Then do what every great party does and get your geeky friends laid! This will only happen if you provide them with some sassy pick-up lines that’ll get that sexy nerd they’ve been eye-coitusing all night into their geeky, superman sheet-covered bed.


Find a slew of Big Bang Theory pick-up lines here!

9. The BBT Theme Song

Once folks have really had their fair share of the alcohol (for Sheldon that would be one sip of a Long Island Iced Tea), sit them down for this singing game. Sit everyone in a circle, fill a shot with tequila, and play the theme song. The person who can follow along and recite the lyrics without fail gets to pass the tequila shot to the next person. BUT, if you miss a lyric, you take a shot.

Chances are your geeky guests will NOT get through it, and you’ll all be drunk faster than Sheldon can say, “Jeepers, I’m drunk!”


10. Soft Kitty Time Out Corner

Of course, when the night comes to a close, there’ll be at least one drunk guest who’ll need some nap time out in the Soft Kitty corner. Make it cozy, make it comforting, make it Sheldon-approved.


You are now well equipped for the Big Bang Theory party of your lives! Get out there and show ’em that there ain’t no party like a Sheldon party, ’cause a Sheldon party don’t stop!


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