How to Get a Belly Button Like Kristen Stewart’s

If you haven’t heard, Kristen Stewart recently made headlines for revealing her fantastic looking belly button. Sporting the early ’90s t-shirt side knot, Stewart struck a pose, revealing her best asset!

Now, we know what you’re thinking, “How do I get a belly button like her?!” Well, you can go the old-fashioned route and book an appointment with Dr. 90210, but who has the kind of Twilight cash Stewart does, right girls? That’s why we’ve brought you four sure-fire ways you can get your belly button looking as sparkly as Stewart’s.

Piggyback Ride Crunches

Who could forget Stewart’s frolics through the wood by piggyback ride as Bella, Edward’s undying (literally) love interest. You think that was an easy feat for this superb actress? Nope, Bella had to work that core, and belly button, to the bone, as she held on for dear life swooping from tree to tree. It was the belly crunch workout of a lifetime. So, get out there gals, find yourself a vampire and get to piggyback crunching!

Pencil Planks

Now this workout helps give you that perfect dent. Some of us are born outies, others innies. And some of us innies are sometimes stuck sporting abnormally shaped belly buttons. So, for those of us trying to get that perfect curve to our belly buttons, there are pencil planks!

Take a flat, unsharpened pencil and get down on your hands and knees. If you’re familiar with yoga, you’re familiar with plank position. Go ahead and stretch on out into plank, immediately engaging your abs. With your right hand place the unsharpened pencil’s eraser in your belly button, while holding the other end steady to the ground. Bring your hand down into plank position, while gently pressing down with your abs, and now hold it… hold it… hold it!

The Emote Press

Fans of Kristen Stewart know how difficult it is for Stewart to emote. It’s no fault of her own, but it’s also a blessing in disguise for achieving the belly button of one’s dreams. This exercise can be done anywhere, even sitting at your desk at work!

Bring your face to emotionless position; so emotionless that you build up a strong resistance to smiling, crying, laughing, anything. Now, go against that resistance by trying to cry. You’ll feel your upper body, glutes and abdominal core start to work. And, because you’re in sitting position, you create a perfect curve to your belly, enhancing your belly button’s natural shape. Now, try laughing; try screaming; try acting surprised. Just keep at it and you’ll really start to see the results!


When all else fails, us ladies have our wily ways of working beauty miracles. So, with a little creativity, you can achieve Stewart’s belly button look with just a dab of well-shaped play-doh. Find a color that matches your skin tone and get to work shaping the belly button you want, whether it’s Stewart’s, Beyonce’s or Shakira’s. Have fun with it and enjoy wearing those midriff blouses!*

*Warning: Play-doh does not agree well with belly button rings. The weight of the jewelry may cause the belly button to fall out. Please shape your belly button carefully. 


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