How To Achieve the Perfect Mugshot

Getting arrested can be super embarrassing on its own, but then there’s that pesky mugshot that comes along to serve as photographic evidence of your bad decisions. Not anymore!

This foolproof method has been developed by celebrities for achieving an attractive mugshot. So now you, too, can turn conversations from, “hey, remember that time you got arrested?” to “hey, remember that time I looked ridiculously awesome?” by following in the very attractive footsteps of these 7 celebs!


stephen baldwin mugshot

Remember dudes and lady-dudes, even though you’re about to be the source of embarrassment for all your friends and family, right now it’s still a photo-op. So, practice that smoldering look.


Paris Hilton mugshot

This picture will probably be passed around more than the potato salad on Thanksgiving, so don’t be afraid to ask for a cell wall that brings out your eyes.


Shia Labeouf mugshot

Yes, you’ll be forever explaining to potential employers that one time you had to be led out of the Walgreens by the police, but if your mugshot portrays you as totes adorbs at the time, then why wouldn’t you get the job?


john edwards mugshot

If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right. As in the case of this former presidential hopeful, if it’s love that got you in, then love might just get you out. So make sure your mugshot is profile picture ready for that Cellblock E-Harmony website.


Tim Allen mugshot

Pro-tip: Mugshots are made infinitely cooler if you have a mustache. Also, if you can swing it, try to be arrested in Kalamazoo.


jane fonda mugshot

I’m sorry, guys, Jane Fonda just won the legal system.

So, maaaaybe you got a little too heated at that The Walking Dead party the night they killed off Lori and assaulted three people on the bus ride home. Take a mugshot like this and all’s forgiven. You know why? It was just another way the man tried to keep you down.


Reese Witherspoon mugshot

“Become one with the camera. You are the inmate. Be the inmate.” Chances are, your arresting officer’s directions will sound more like, “Face forward. Face left. Face right.” But there’s no reason you can’t close your eyes, smile and just imagine.


What are your tips for achieving a perfect mugshot?  Tell us in the comments!


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