Hot Mess: Potty Break

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Hot Mess: Potty Break


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About the author

Amanda Deibert is a writer and actress/filmmaker type in LA.  She currently works for HULU’s morning pop culture show, The Morning After, which you can giggle at on  You can check out the rest of her hijinks in writing and filmmaking at  She lives with her beautiful girlfriend and 100,000 cats.

Cat Staggs is currently working on covers for Smallville published by DC Comics.  She has worked with Lucas Film on various limited edition and online projects, character design for Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment, T-shirt design for Her Universe, and a variety of base card and sketch card art for Topps trading cards, Upperdeck trading cards, and Rittenhouse Archives.  Cat will have another high profile project that will be released later this year.  You can see more of her art at

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  1. Buzzardo

    Come on, Amanda . . . just pull your big girl panties up and . . . oh wait . . . never mind.

  2. Linda Y. Chavez
    Linda Y. Chavez

    The most awesome part about this particular edition of this comic is that it REALLY happened to our dear writer. Proud of your perseverance, Amanda! LOL! Also, very glad you survived to write about it. 😉

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