Hipsterhood (Ep. 1): “Hipsters Buy Cereal”

Who goes cereal-shopping on a Friday night? The hipsters of Hipsterhood! Watch and find out how our two infamous hipsters meet for the first time!


Written and Directed by Shilpi Roy

Cinematography and music by Anthony C. Kuhnz

Starring Kit Williamson and Elizabeth Ferraris

Guest Starring Halley Kim and Joy Regullano

Sound Mix by Ryan McClure

Production Assistance by Zack Brantley and T’amula Walker

an Odd Frames Media Production


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About the author

Shilpi Roy is the creator of Hipsterhood (http://www.hipsterhoodseries.com), a web series about two hipsters in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, who keep running into each other in the neighborhood, but can’t get to that next step of….talking. Originally from North Carolina, she enjoys all kinds of BBQ, loves playing with cats and dogs (but leans towards cats) and finds that having a husband who is a cinematographer Anthony C. Kuhnz (http://www.ackuhnz.com) is extremely helpful when you need to, say, take pictures of your cat. Shilpi and Anthony are the founders of Odd Frames Media (http://www.oddframesmedia.com), their production company.

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