Hipster Parents Give the Sex Talk

Editor’s Note: Susan G. Komen’s decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood was reversed on February 3, 2012.
ith the news of the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling funding from Planned Parenthood, women’s health activists are in an uproar.  It seems that, thanks to the misogynistic efforts of elected anti-choicers, other women’s issues are at risk of being swept under the rug.

Given just how little sense the opposition to free breast exams and choice has — that is, it doesn’t even make Republican Sense, er, Cents — we have to wonder why they’re so adamant about their cause.

It’s true that in the past few decades we USers have been undergoing major upheaval in something of a Sex Revolution: people are in the nude on TV and in the movies; gays are running around, willy-nilly; have you SEEN Kim Kardashian’s sex tape?

So one sure repercussion of this is the evolution of The Sex Talk: that arguably necessary “evil” that’s left many of us so very scarred.  And, what with the aforementioned changes, there’s no denying just how amplified the awkwardness of The Talk has become.

So I have a theory about why so many push for abstinence only, anti-choice, homophobic legislation: they just don’t know how to cope.

But fear not, understandably terrified parents!  Here to help us with a few handy 21st Century Sex Talk Gems are Hipster Parents: the new style of parent that’s starting to roam the streets with their skinny-jeaned and cardiganned mini-thems, savvy in all things hip and progressive!








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