Hardcore Black Jokes

Because everyone knows that where two or more Black people are gathered, it goes without saying that important topics such as poverty, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jay Z, racism, Tina Fey’s racism, slavery, Fox News, Christianity, fried chicken, baby mama drama, and of course, Tyler Perry, will be discussed. This content may not be suitable for or interesting to White people. We strongly suggest any White person watching avert their eyes and cover their ears….You’ve been warned.

Written by Dawn M. Green and Aliza Pearl

Directed by Emily McGregor

Director of Photography – Dyron Pacheco

Edited by Dawn M. Green

Music by Aliza Pearl


Dana – Dawn M. Green

April – Aliza Pearl

Tisha – Nyoka Boswell

Martha – Stephanie Parrott

Joe – Malik T. Mann

Wallace (and opening Voiceover) – Calvin ‘Calkutta’ Winbush II

Dom – Nick Grimes

Kenny – Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows


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