Gorilla Boss (Ep. 1) “The Interview”

Gorilla Boss is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Written by Sam Weller (https://twitter.com/CraveSam)

Directed by Emily McGregor (http://twitter.com/airhumps)

Executive Produced by Erika Cervantes (http://twitter.com/erikacervantes)

Produced by Suzy Pasqualetto (http://twitter.com/UghNotSuzy)


Sam Weller as Gorilla Boss

Kosha Patel as Kosha (http://www.youtube.com/KoshaDelhi)

Luis Navarro as Steve from HR (http://twitter.com/LuisN1)

Director of Photography – Chris Pritzlaff

Edited by Becca Grumet

Original Theme Song Written and Performed by Sam Weller & Arranged by Chris Thomas

Sound Mix by Christopher Bonis

Production Interns – Becca Grumet

Filmed at Youtube Space LA.


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