GLEE Reality Recap: Mash Off

This week’s “Mash Off” introduced a little friendly (and not so friendly) competition with a mashup mash off between New Directions and the Troubletones.  With problems mounting between members of both clubs, it’s no wonder things are getting a little out there.  Let’s break down the reality and the tension in this week’s recap:


Puck is “Hot for Teacher” and tries to sway Miss Corcoran with a Van Halen performance, a list of reasons to be together, and by coming clean about the plot to get Beth back.

He’s been turned away once, no high school boy would while away his glory days waitin’ on a middle-aged mama. And Miss Corcoran sure as hell wouldn’t stick around waitin’ for Child Protective Services to come on behalf of Beth … or Puck.

Schue and Shel chat about the upcoming sectionals, and he announces that New Directions will be up against the Troubletones (at least, that’s what it seemed like he was saying before Shelby cut him off with some weird joke about unitards).

They’re rival glee clubs at the same school, the latter of which was formed out of spite for the former. Since when was the fact that they’re in competition news?


After getting some encouragement from Shelby, Rachel drops out of the race for class president. She’s got NYADA in the bag and robbing Kurt of his shot at bulking up those extra-curriculars would be a bitch move.

Of course, actually telling Kurt that’s why she dropped out of the race is a bigger bitch move.
After Finn outs Santana in the hallway, Sue’s smear campaign against Burt “Baboon Heart” Hummel gets flipped on its head when a fellow candidate takes up her tactics with plans to out Santana on TV.

That is just so like Ohio politics to get up in arms about “family values,” but I digress. Anyway, high school lesbian news travels much too fast via the girl’s bathroom wall for this to truly be Santana’s first outing.

In a show of friendly competition, New Directions and the Troubletones go head to head in a mashup mash off, with New Directions performing Hall and Oates and the ladies serving up their take on Adele. Things get ugly when Santana runs off stage to attack Finn.

Brawls are best left for parking lots, far from the prying eyes and helping hands of teachers. Santana would unleash her lesbian rage in a beat-down to a mashmashup of Tegan & Sara/Marilyn Manson.

Gleeks, who’s got your vote? Are you digging the amped-up competition?