Girl Date (Official Music Video)


It’s Wednesday, gotta get over the hump

Boss made me work straight through my lunch

Twelve dollars an hour, who gives a damn

If I half-ass the job that I work for the man

So I hit up my girl Sarah on Gchat

Complain ’bout my pain, she says I feel that,

Gurrrrl what we need to do clearly

Is hit happy hour at Barney’s Beanery’Cuz when you’re tired of your day

And you got a job you hate

It never is too late

to get yourself a Girl Date

I got myself a Girl Date

There’s no men to complicate

A night out that’s simply great

‘s what’s it’s about, it’s a Girl Date

And I didn’t do my hair,

And I don’t have to care

There’s a hole in my underwear

Pants stay on for a Girl Date

Havin’ lots of drama with a couple of boys

My girl calls me up and says Fuck dat noise

Let’s go get a manipedi

And talk about the guys that you gave head-y

After the salon, we’ll hit my place

Watch Fried Green Tomatoes while the cupcakes bake

Debate what your man said on the phone meant

And talk about how hot that sex scene was in Atonement

Cuz while you know I like to ball

I get so tired of it all

That’s when you know I got to call

My girls up for a girl date

I got myself myself a Girl Date

Karaoke cannot wait

Hit the gay bars though we’re straight

Fag Hags love them a girl date

And while I don’t mean to underrate

Friends don’t always satiate

So once I’m home I’ll masturbate

You get no play on a Girl Date

Lalalalalalalala chocolate

Lalalalalalalala gossip

Lalalalalalalala crying

S’what’s it’s about it’s a girl date

Lalalalalalalala fashion

Lalalalalalalala facials

Lalalalalalalala talkin bout giving a guy a facial

(You did that? Gross. Awesome.)

It’s a Girl Date.


Produced by Comediva

Written and Performed by Nikki Muller

Directed by Emily McGregor

Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes

Director of Photography – Yuki Noguchi

Edited by Kevin Lipnos

Music Produced by Christopher Thomas

Sound Design – Sean Oakley

Gaffer – Luis Navarro

Sound Mixer – Brian Corral

Make Up – Kazuyuki Okada

Production Coordinator – Linda Chavez

PA – Samantha Christopher


Tim Juliano

Kit Bateman –

Josh Bedlion

Special Thanks to Benjamin Stanton –


Amanda Deibert

Amy Halvorsen

Dawn Green

Kosha Patel

Madeline Whitby

Meghan Gambling

Monica Sherer

Sabrina Hill

Samara Bay

Sarah Yeo

Vanessa Mizzone

Vickie Toro


Christian Krauspe

Jason Carmody

Luis Navarro

Mark McKeown

Percy Rustomji

Stuart Arbury

Stuart Murphy


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