Game of Thrones Pick-Up Lines Vol. 2

If there’s one thing everyone in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros wants, it’s to get laid.  Well, that and to sit on the Iron Throne, that is.  Never fear, armed with these cleverly ridiculous Game of Thrones pick-up lines, you’ll never be Jorah Mormont-ed, (friendzoned), and you’ll be picking up hotties from King’s Landing to the Wall.  Even George R.R. Martin would have to chuckle if you threw one of these super-sweet come-ons his way.

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GoT2 PUL 20

***GoT2 PUL 21

***GoT2 PUL 22

***GoT2 PUL 23


***Game of Thrones Pick-Up Lines

***Game of Thrones Pick-Up Lines

***Game of Thrones Pick-Up Lines

***GoT2 PUL 28

***GoT2 PUL 29

***GoT2 PUL 30

***GoT2 PUL 31

***GoT2 PUL 32

***GoT2 PUL 33

***GoT2 PUL 34

***GoT2 PUL 35

GoT2 PUL 36

***GoT2 PUL 37***

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