10 Funniest Hidden Pixar Gems

Everyone loves a good movie Easter egg and when it comes to creating clever ones, Pixar is at the top of their game. The Disney owned animation studio offers all kinds of comedic cameos from the quick and silly to the sprawling and complex, and now their  reveals are popping up on the internet. Many of the memes that made our list are authentic, but a few were Photoshopped finds; so while not all of these 10 funniest hidden Pixar gems are real, they are all pretty damn funny.

1. The unfortunate fate of monsters:

funniest hidden Pixar gems


2. That chess playing, toy fixing old guy:

funniest hidden Pixar gems


3. Uncel Roger:

funniest hidden Pixar gems


4. That Pizza Planet delivery truck that was used in like every Pixar movie:


5. …Which was apparently contagious among vehicles:


6. Linguini’s Incredibles boxers:


7. Bonus credits Easter egg:


8. Lots-O’-Huggin’, the pink, villainous teddy bear from Toy Story 3:


9. And a couple more toys:


10. The motive behind the logo:




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