Freakazoid: That Invisibo

Mujeres, today I, Frida Killho, sister de la revolución, fellow invisible Otra, present to you a classic scene from the groundbreaking, controversial, icónico Freakazoid.  Here, our hero has trouble finding one of his enemigos, the villano Invisibo.  But is Invisibo exactly as he seems?  A silly wrongdoer invisible?  Or is he, in fact, representative of we, the oppressed gente of the universe?  Invisible only until we are to be made scapegoats for terrible crimenes?¡No, gente!  This scene is a call to acción!  A call for all who have been erased from history to make ourselves seen!  To make the world aware of our presencia through justifiably assertive actions!

So watch this pick of mine, mujeres, and feel the empowerment flow through your veins like the blood of our ancestors!


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