For the Awkward Loser Child in Your Life – Sweatshirts!

As a wee little gal, did you ever think to yourself, “Gee, I’m too pretty to do homework, so obvs, my brother does it for me.”  You know, because boys are better at school, of course!  What littleJC-PENNEY-SHIRT-1-1314830193 girl hasn’t had that cross her mind?  

Surely, this childhood obstacle every little, pretty girl encounters is what inspried JCPenny to put out this fabulous, stylish new sweater for purrr-ty, little girls all around the country.  Well, really, how else are they supposed to train for reality show stardom if their brothers don’t do their homework for them?  Jezebel breaks it on down for us, gangsta’ feminist style on their site.  Then, Best Week Ever did their part in helping children show the world what they really feel inside.

But we realized that there are some children out there being neglected who deserve a little help in the shirt department as well — awkward losers.  They deserve to express their feelings on sweatshirts and t-shirts too!

So, for the awkward loser children in your life:



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