Feminist Cthulhu

Hey girl, remember Feminist Ryan Gosling?  Well, Cthulhu ate him.  However, don’t fret: turns out, he also managed to metabolize his feminism. Behold, Feminist Cthulhu.



Feminist Cthulhu












Feminist Cthulhu






















Love Feminist Cthulhu? Guessing you’ll get a kick out of Feminist Jay-Z, too.

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  1. Nusz

    Jessica – the injoke is that his call has nothing to do with phones. but point taken, i guess.

    Harvey – thanks for handling that.

  2. Jessica

    No beef with the concept but re: topmost image – I HATE phones and prefer texting. Any man or infinite beast who insisted on calling me would prove they didn’t listen because it’s the first thing I tell people. And I am not unusual. Lots of people – and lots of women – hate. the. f***ing. phone.

    What is it with this f***ing obsession with phone calls? The phone is dead. Accept it and move on. Only stalkers, control freads, abusers and pervs use phonecalls these days.

    I’m not saying everyone who loves the phone is abusive – but all abusive people do love the phone. I NEVER deal with people who insist on doing everything over the phone. That’s how you _know_ they are obsessive, micro managing potential stalkers. F*** the phone. F*** it. And f*** phone abusers.

  3. cindylouwho

    Hey girl, I don’t care if you don’t understand the words to “Come Together”,I do and thats enough.

  4. Harvey B. Harvey

    Squiggly_P, welcome to Miss-the-pointsville. Population: you. This set of images is hardly trying to make Cthulhu a spokesperson for feminism, and the “Hey girl,” opening is making fun of all those stupid Ryan Gosling memes. The joke here is that Ryan Gosling is about as much of a feminist as Cthulhu. In other words, not at all. They even mention these memes at the beginning of the article, but perhaps you couldn’t make out the words from up on your soap box.

  5. Squiggly_P

    I’ve got some more suggestions for you:

    “Hey girl, I can make men fucking crazy, too.”
    “Hey girl, you ever watch hentai?”
    “Hey girl, strip naked and worship me beneath the moonlight.”
    “Hey girl, you down for a threeway with Dagon?”
    “Hey girl, you ever read Neonomicon? I wanna get inside you.”

    Hope that helps your cause. Oh, wait… Making an edritch god a spokesperson for feminism is like making Stalin a spokesman for the humane treatment of animals. Also, if you’re trying to promote equal treatment for women, why have your spokesman belittle women by saying “Hey girl” before every sentence? He sounds like a slimy used car salesman who can only get laid by distracting women long enough to get the date rape drug into their glass.

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