eHarmony Cat Lover

Hello, my precious feline loving friends!

For this video, my heart is very heavy with both admiration and sadness.

I have finally found another cat lover in the world that truly feels the same way that I do about the single greatest, cuddliest, kookiest creatures the Good Lord created.  A woman after my own kitty-loving soul, who is also trying to find The [Human] One.

This kindred spirit is so passionate that she breaks down into tears at the very mention of kitties!  I can’t help but to feel a connection in the depths of my soul with this girl.  She is exactly the type of girl my Yamama told me to befriend and spend all my free time with in order to resist the temptation of perversion in this sin-filled world.

I find it so troubling that a lovely young lady like her is having trouble finding a feline-loving fellow!  With such a great catch like this girl still single, what hope is there for me and Skittles to find a man to love on us?

Please show this video to any hunky, kitty-cat loving men you might know — I am making it my personal mission to find this sweet lady a fine man of her own.


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