Drunk Makeup Tutorial

Finally — someone to master the art of putting on makeup when you’re drunk — or as I like to call it, “Getting ready for the office”.

Let’s be honest. This woman is a genius and only increases her brilliance by pounding cups full of “what the f*** ever” and making her face look like an entirely different face… and all this while I’ve been trying to IMPROVE my face — who knew!

Thanks to this inebriated tutorial, no more will I drunk stab myself with a makeup brush or use blush as eye shadow — but if I do, it’s okay because as drunk Jenna says, I’m perfect just the way I am… YOU HEAR THAT MOM!?

Really though, it’s not very often a video on the Internet can hold my attention for more than a minute before I start losing my buzz, but this I could happily — I mean drunkenly — watch for a while. Now excuse me, I have a date with a Mr. Cuervo and need to change my face.


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