Drinking Without Income (DWI) – Carlo of The Bells

Amanda Deibert reviews incredibly cheap wines in an incredibly hilarious way. Get your booze on without breaking the bank!


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About the author

Amanda Deibert is a writer and actress/filmmaker type in LA.  She currently works for HULU’s morning pop culture show, The Morning After, which you can giggle at on hulu.com.  You can check out the rest of her hijinks in writing and filmmaking at www.amandadeibert.com.  She lives with her beautiful girlfriend and 100,000 cats.

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  1. Nikki!

    Dude, I make mulled wine with jug wine every winter! It’s totally German. And my last name’s Muller, so it all makes sense. (BTW, I agree Brandy’s better than rum. And I like to boil whole cinnamon sticks and cloves for an option, nooom!)

  2. Amanda Deibert

    Thanks! Totally genuine reactions ha ha!

    . (And if you Mull it, I do suggest actual lemon and orange peel…it’s a wee bit tastier)

  3. LeeAnn Libnoch

    LOL This is perfect! I just bought some REALLY bad wine. Good to know I don’t have to throw it out now 😉 Mulling time!

    PS: Your reactions to the first glass of wine were hilarious 😛

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