Dogs Versus Cats: Battle of the GIFs

The battle between dogs and cats rages on! We’ve found some GIFs, however, that offer some compelling arguments as to why dogs are awesome while cats are basically just furry little miscreants.  Let us look at the evidence. 

This pup tenderizes your bed for you so it’s nice and snuggly when you crawl into it before the big meeting tomorrow. 


This dog knows that your REM cycles depend on a properly fuffed duvet. 


This cat just wants to stress you the hell out. Sweet dreams, try not to worry about TOMORROW’S BIG MEETING. TOMORROW’S BIG MEETING! OMG DON’T SCREW THIS UP!  DID YOU REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR POWERPOINT TO YOUR THUMB DRIVE? DID YOU?


This dog thinks it’s cool that your socks have little Storm Troopers on them and that you’re saving up to buy that vintage Return of the Jedi poster from an Ebay seller in Reykjavik.  So what if postage is forty extra bucks? So what? 


This cat refuses to acknowledge film as a relevant art form and thinks your socks are stupid. 


This dog won’t judge you for that fourth slice of deep dish pizza. 


This cat is one of those hot chicks who goes to the gym and just walks on the treadmill for fifteen minutes. And that’s it. But in makeup.  And tight yoga pants.  


This cat lashes out at you when you ask it to pretend that it’s a burrito for like two seconds so you can show your friends how awesome purritos are. 


This dog excels in the art of self-burrito-ing. In fact, he enjoys the sport of it, and thinks you both deserve a taco for your communal efforts.


This cat hacked into your Amazon account last Tuesday. Expect a case of beluga caviar in the mail shortly.  


This dog just saved you four bucks on Windex. 


This cat reminds you how alone you are. How very alone. 


The prospect of being your Valentine every day of the year excites the crap out of this dog. 


And this one. 


As well as these winning bundles of pure, unadulterated love.  They can’t get enough of you.  


This pooch admires you and is more than happy to help you out with anything. 


 This cat is literally trying to maim you with its laser eyes.


That pretty much sums it up, folks. Dogs > Cats. If you need further proof, this:



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