Doctor Who Search History

Even a two-hearted time traveler like the Doctor needs a little search engine help from time to time. Whether a Doctor Who companion or a thousand-year-old alien, your favorite Doctor Who characters use Google just like the rest of us, as this Doctor Who search history proves. You can only imagine the myriad of questions your favorite Doctor Who characters must have for the world wide web.

Honestly, if not for the internet, how else would you find out whether or not TARDIS fetishes are something you should be concerned about? And harnessing your Roman swag is no easy feat if you go it alone, you know?  There’s got to be a lifehacks article for everything, right?  If not, someone should put Donna Noble on that, stat. She’s not doing much with her time anyhow, right?

AnyWho, put that sonic screwdriver aside, kick up your feet, and take a moment to check out this Doctor Who search history.  It’s a fun glimpse into your favorite Doctor Who characters’ psyches.

Doctor Who Search History

Doctor Who Search History








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