Cute Alien Animal Roundup

All manner of interesting creatures populate the sci-fi genre, though many of them aren’t the kinds of critters you’d want to snuggle up to after a long round of fetch-the-pyramid-ball. However, there are a few outer-space fauna, the sight of which triggers an immediate cuteness overload.

Here are the top 10 cutest alien animals: 

Tribbles – Star Trek

These are the quintessential interstellar fluff balls, the fuzzy stuff of pure nuissance, and the kinds of alien creatures that most Star Fleet officers love to hate. 

Alf – Alf

Alf’s retro cred qualifies him for the list. He’s the kind of alien you can have beers with, then skin and use as a shag carpet. 

Nibbler – Futurama


Nibbler is undeniably cute, commanding of authority, and an efficient little antimatter-pooper. What’s not to love?

K-9 – Doctor Who

Sure, he’s a robot…but he’s a loyal, chess-playing pooch-robot. Plus, he sports a cold, wet laser-nose.

Salacious Crum – Star Wars

He’s one of those ugly-cute kind of fellas. Kind of like a Chinese Crested pooch. Also, what’s not to love about that infectiously sinister giggle?

Adipose – Doctor Who


These little marshmallow parasites might kill you…but, awwww, look how squishy they are! 

Muffit – Battlestar Galactica


Muffit is a daggit, basically the BSG version of a dog…but really he is pretty much the original Furby (but way less creepy). 

Experiment 626 – Lilo & Stich

Really, shouldn’t every girl have an alien friend like Stitch?

Puckmarin – Flight of the Navigator


Puckmarin is cuter than a baby sloth. That’s saying something. 

Gizmo – Gremlins


Note: Not nearly as cute when wet. However, those huge eyes kinda make up for it. Just look at that face…who could stay mad at that face?!

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