Coolest Summer Jobs in the Universe

Summer is a great time to make a little extra money.  There are plenty of real-life jobs to be had, but honestly, they’re all boooor-ing.  Luckily for you, there are some pretty sweet jobs out there in the universe, especially if you know the right places to look.

Working on a Cruise Ship, Cloud 9  – Battlestar Galactica


Always wanted to travel among the Twelve Colonies for free? Why not get a job onboard a cruise ship? A cruise spaceship, that is. Cloud 9 is one of the most luxurious ships in the galaxy, and there are a large varieties of positions available, including musician, sommelier, maid, passenger activities coordinator, and chef. Someday you might even become a prostitute! Hopefully you like the cruise life because when the world ends, you’re going to be stuck onboard for the rest of your life (spoiler alert, that’s just two seasons, sorry).

Internship, Dragon Research – Harry Potter

Maybe you want to spend the summer going back to nature. Well, get some cool points on future resumes (especially if you’re interested in working with animals) by nabbing an internship with Charlie Weasley to study dragons in Romania. Sure, there are a few on-the-job hazards like burns and, you know, being eaten, but if you make it home you’ll automatically be more badass than any of your friends, ever.

Retail, Sam’s Comics – Heroes


You dislike the outdoors, so pretty much everything else on the list is out. Luckily, you live in either Tokyo, Japan, Lawrence, Kansas, or Costa Verde, California and can get a job at Sam’s Comics. Chock full of rare titles and employees with an encyclopedic knowledge of various comic book universes, it’s a hot spot for people with special powers trying to find out more about their destinies–maybe you’re even hiding a special power yourself!

Lifeguard, Ariel’s Bio-luminescent Lake – Firefly

Like the water? Head to one of the must beautiful and popular swimming holes in the ‘verse, the lake on Ariel. It’s cool and refreshing in the daytime, but night is especially spectacular, as the bio-luminescence creates streaks of light in the water as you swim. Party all night long! If anyone gets hurt, there are adequate medical facilities nearby, and in your off-time you can check out the planet’s many delightful museums and restaurants.

Summer Camp, Battle School – Ender’s Game


The kids are stuck at Battle School for years, but surely the teachers need a break every now and again. So sign up to be a camp counselor at Battle School! A degree of humility is required in order to excel here–the kids with undoubtedly be smarter than you. The good news is, even the smallest bit of actual fun will be a breath of fresh air for them, so you’re one whimsical puppet show away from amassing a following of devoted, homesick child-soldiers.

Concessions, Mos Espa Grand Arena – Star Wars


Like sports and adrenaline? Well, working crowd concessions at the annual Podrace might just be the thing for you! Sure, it’s a pretty dangerous sport, but working concessions gives you a front seat to the action without having to put your life in danger, and you’ll have access to the expensive seating areas without having to pay for the view. Hey, we heard there’s a human who might actually have a shot at winning this year.


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