Comediva Pick: What Girls Do When They Like Someone

This video short by Alyssa Onofreo is for every girl out there, everywhere, who has ever had an all-consuming, unending total and utter crush. It’s the immeasurable and infinite amount of time that passes from when you respond to someone you just LOVE and when they finally get around to confirming that they love you too, with a simple “Lol. Just heading to the gym.”

It’s not like you can read too much into a text, right? Because it’s such an effort to think of someone to text them, and then find your phone, and then type something cleverly, and then hit send, so you know when someone does actually does that, they’re days away from proposing. Anyway, I can relate to this rollercoaster of emotions – and all because of a silly little (LIFE CHANGING, ENORMOUS) crush.


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