I’ve been looking forward to the first episode of Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time since Troy and Abed first stepped into the Dreamatorium.  And yes, it’s just as outrageously whimsical as I’d hoped it would be, from the surprisingly accurate title sequence to the innumerable Whovian-style logical fallacies.

The series is not supported by NBC, the BBC, or even Torchwood; it’s a Kickstarter-funded parody which —  at the very least — explains why  The Inspector’s police box is red rather than TARDIS blue.  Other than that, Travis Richey might as well be a future Doctor regeneration; Seems legit.

So, will we meet Constable Reggie and the Blorgons? Maybe, maybe not.  Unfortunately, time travelers have to deal with copyright laws… even on Second New Old Earth Seven.

At any rate, I cannot wait to see more of what UWSAASTWCATTT has to offer!  Where will this show take us? Or should I say when?


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  1. Kristen Bobst

    Oh my, Qwdas. Good call. My positrons must have been negatized when I wrote that typo. Will fix it faster than a Blorgon on a unicycle.

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