Comediva Pick: The Star Wars That I Used to Know

There’s nothing that I like quite more than a parody of a mainstream song — especially a song that’s played so often that you can’t bear to hear it again, UNLESS it’s a parody. Ah, the beauty of the digital age! In honor of Geek Week here at Comediva, it only made sense to feature a beautiful hybrid of mainstream and geek… geekstream! Is that a real thing yet?Anywho, the people behind Teddie Films put this masterpiece together and I should say, spent a good amount of time mimicking the original Gotye music video — well done! They also pose the ultimate question: What happened to the Stars Wars that we used to know? I myself don’t know, but what I DO know is that naked George Lucas with body paint will be haunting my dreams for a very, very long time.


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Lisa was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago where she developed an early admiration of deep dish pizza, sausage, and Da Bears. Shortly after graduating from DePaul University, she decided to pack up and drive across the country to live in LA with her boyfriend and his two friends - because that's what responsible, educated, sensible women do. When Lisa isn't writing & performing comedy, analyzing television shows, or attempting to stay in shape, she spends her time emailing her mother all the reasons why she should still love her. Comediva. Where the funny girls are.

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